The business platform for digital media

Deploy business models, test, iterate, repeat.

Target audience segments with specific offers, all without writing a single line of code.

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The evolution of the paywall

Targeted experiences and offers, sophisticated business rules, billing, communications, and access control on every platform.

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Count cash, not clicks.

Piano AI is data for publishers, not just for editors: it reveals the traffic dynamics that result in higher advertising and subscription revenue.

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User management, elegantly delivered.

Piano ID breaks down the data silos that keep content companies from effectively analyzing and communicating with their customers.

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Instant business models for content of all shapes and sizes.

Accept payments for content from anywhere in the world. Build your own paywall or pay-per-view business in minutes.

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Looking at audience loyalty over time

Your dedicated audience, the ones who come back frequently — is that audience growing or shrinking? Do they view the same content as everybody else? How much more valuable is a customer when they sign up for a newsletter, or share socially? If you’re like media companies we talk to, you might have trouble answering these questions with your existing tools. That’s why we built Piano AI.

Segment your audience

AI captures all interactions, and helps you segment your audience; it observes segments of users over time to see how your dedicated audiences’ behavior and preferences are changing; it even lets you know how much money you’re making from each segment on ads, subscriptions, and other models. It’s the data that matters.