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Enterprise Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

With Piano VX the proceeds from all transactions go directly into your merchant account.  If you already use a third party to process your credit card transactions online – Stripe, Chase Paymentech,, etc. – we can integrate directly with your existing solution.  If you’d prefer, we can also help you get set up with an account with our partner Braintree Payments.

Will my users have to create Piano accounts when they purchase content from me?

Nope. With Piano VX you can continue using your existing user management solution, e.g. Gigya, Janrain, a homegrown solution, without making your users create a Piano account. VX operates behind the scenes to ensure that your registered users’ entitlement rights are handled appropriately.

Is Piano VX a white-labeled solution?

Absolutely. Your brand and voice are the reason that people love your site and we don’t want to do anything to distract your audience. Therefore Piano VX is completely white-labeled, with a customizable look and feel controlled by you.

What does the VX in Piano VX stand for?

We are glad you asked. The ‘VX’ stands for value exchange – an exchange of value, most commonly money in return for content – which a visitor to your site enters into with you. In addition to exchanging money for content there are other exchanges of value that Piano VX supports, including: data walls where users provide information about themselves in exchange for premium access; registration walls where users register with a site and/or an email newsletter in exchange for premium access; as well as value exchanges based on social sharing and video advertising.

What kind of reporting does Piano provide?

Piano VX provides beautiful, graphical reporting that tracks the performance of your digital content business, including sales and revenue, subscriptions, churn, email and campaign effectiveness, transaction history and revenue recognition.

How long does it typically take to deploy with Piano?

Well that depends. For example, a straight forward metered paywall for digital only access can be implemented in as little as two weeks. Business models that involve integrating with numerous third parties, e.g. print fulfillment solutions, TV Everywhere databases, etc., typically take longer. That said, even complex integrations can be completed within eight to twelve weeks.

Where can I find technical documentation for Piano VX?

How do I get started and how do you charge for Piano VX?

The first step is to contact our sales department. We charge a license fee for Piano VX.